TerraMedusa Philosophy


TerraMedusa Philosophy

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People often overestimate by the imagination what will happen within the next two years but underestimate what will happen in the next ten.

Technology is not “catching the wind” but “creating the wind”.

We are in the most perfect time ever than before to live, to think, to produce and to protect. Today’s society lives in an information age that started with copper and is now wrapped with fiberoptic cables. On the other hand, we see a future beyond the requirements of this information age, where computers lose their importance. Everything is a huge information network called the internet. The information in there must be protected safely.

Our goal is to be a connector between the knowledge and the human. Therefore, we gathered the knowledge, our passion and excitement that accumulated in our past under the name of “TerraMedusa”. TerraMedusa is an establishment where the building block of “knowledge and people” determines the point where the Internet exists and its secure future in the 21st century.

As TerraMedusa, we are the most reliable consultants for the most major companies worldwide in the information security market. In addition to working directly with the senior management level we provide in some cases consultancy and data transfer. The most requested service of us is to examine the projects of other consultants, institutions and providing our ultimate advice to the management.

Our long list of customers from various industries to whom we offer Strategic Cyber ​​Security Solutions, includes large-scale corporate groups as well as small and midsize companies such as government, military, judicial and public etc. Our private sector customers are spread over a wide area, from transportation and energy to communications, insurance and finance. It is a source of pride for us to have an increasing reputation in our field of Information Security and to collect positive references and success stories from our customers.

So much that a decisive part of our projects and business bases on established, long standing customers who want to get our services again. In this structure that we call TerraMedusa, we are on a neverending search when it comes to bring the information easier and quicker to you and making your work in the most safest environment. We strive to provide you with the information in the most perfect way.