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TerraMedusa Strategic Cyber ​​Security

TerraMedusa offers solutions that are suitable for every institution’s chemistry. Our area of ​​expertise is limited to Proactive Penetration Testing and Cyber ​​Intelligence only. It does not operate in any other area. This is the mentality that eliminates the dependency of manufacturer and product origin specific to TerraMedusa.

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About TerraMedusa

How does TerraMedusa Strategic Cyber ​​Security operate?

TerraMedusa does not shape the Penetration Test studies only through the information obtained from the sources that everyone can access. With the special Cyber ​​Intelligence infrastructure developed and extended on its own, TerraMedusa follow the sources where the cybercriminals exchange information in high profile and becomes aware of the latest attack methods and special tools. It informs organizations about data leaks with its extensive intelligence network. With hundreds of servers, tens of thousands of Web sites, DeepWeb platforms, TerraMedusa collects live data about hackers’ tools and methods.


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For all your requirements about cyber threats


With the methodologies developed by TerraMedusa R&D Centers


With the Penetration Test, all information resources of the institution are secured by revealing security gaps, design weaknesses and risks. You are prepared for attacks that can affect the continuity of your business.

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Sometimes risks occur without you are predicting them. In these cases, the TerraMedusa team implements effective protection measures in institutions at risk with the emergency response scenarios applied in accordance with the structure.


To measure the continuity of the service provided by networks and systems, TerraMedusa has DDoS attack capacity up to 30 Gbps. Attacks are carried out in a controlled manner from different networks in data centers from different geographic regions.


The operability of information security investments are evaluated. Data leaks made within the organization are prevented by detecting the effects of malware attack vectors.


A wide range of source code analysis, regardless of which platform, programming language, mobile, Web or desktop are been used. Threats that cannot be seen when viewed from the outside are detected by automated and human-oriented multi-method analysis of source codes.


Phishing and all other Social Engineering analyzes aimed at measuring user awareness are carried out with scenarios and designs tailored for each institution in special.


Cyber ​​attack analysis to be carried out in institutions such as power plants, industrial organizations without any accessibility and interruption problems of SCADA and other embedded industrial systems.


ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI DSS etc. Requirements and standards about the penetration tests are realized through analysis and reporting in accordance with the regulations.


Unique methodology and working standards of TerraMedusa

What makes us different?

Expertise that sets the standartds

The TerraMedusa Difference

In addition to making the difference with own findings in security vulnerabilities, TerraMedusa collects information through specially designed Honeypots thanks to the TerraMedusa Cyber Intelligence infrastructure. Staying informed about the latest vulnerabilities by following methods, tools, websites, DeepWeb platforms where cybercriminals exchange information. TerraMedusa does not perform Penetration Tests using only open source or commercial software with known vulnerabilities. While conducting inspections, a test environment is provided manually with special tools, add-ons, scripts and methods.

The TerraMedusa Difference

Our Core


TerraMedusa only operates in two interconnected areas such as Penetration Test, Cyber Intelligence - on highest expertise. TerraMedusa does not need to go out of the concentration area with works such as software, hardware, product, training sales of different manufacturers. We are just concentrated on what we can do best. By checking the methods of real hackers according to network resources,combining the rules of regulations and the most up-to-date methods of the Hacker world, we developed the special TerraMedusa methodology. TerraMedusa also provides customized solutions in the field of Cyber Intelligence to reputable companies and government agencies worldwide. Since the same attack of real-life hackers are simulated in the analysis, it enables testing such as detection of security investments and circumvention of them.


Expertise that sets the standartds


At the end of the Penetration Test, the solutions and results are exchanged with TerraMedusa Information Security experts regarding the outcomes of the analyses. Institutions are informed about data leaks by following the closed sources where the high profile cybercriminals exchange information. Within the scope of TerraMedusa Strategic Cyber Security Solutions, full control is provided only with the help of world-renowned experts against the deficits in the TerraMedusa archive. Tools and methods specific to TerraMedusa are presented with 17 years of experience in the field of Information Security. Thanks to TerraMedusa vulnerability research laboratories, Microsoft has identified vulnerabilities in software from renowned manufacturers such as HP, Novell and Redhat.


TerraMedusa Experience

Our long list of customers, to whom we offer Strategic Cyber ​​Security Solutions, includes the top 100 large-scale companies as well as small and midsized companies from different branches such as government, military, judicial and public etc. For the full list, please contact us.


Technology is not 'catching the wind' but 'creating the wind'

Our experience has shown us that not all cyber security problems can be detected – even in organizations that are managed professionally and have a large IT staff. Through Penetration Tests conducted by TerraMedusa after strong competitors, such as reputable security and audit firms, openings were still found. In many of these cases, automated test tools were used by our competitors when many of the security gaps stayed undetected. As TerraMedusa, we are a pioneer in the sector with our proactive and innovative approach in our Penetration Test works. Instead of relying on commercial test packs like everyone else, we prefer to use brain power when conducting our business; just like when hackers don’t use expensive testing tools to take over your network. By analyzing each network for new and unique vulnerabilities, we develop customized tools special for your case. We carry out R&D activities by doing our own research and writing our vehicles ourselves.

Our working principle is designed to meet the needs of both your company and your network. After all, no company is the same and no network is the same. Tools written to examine generic networks do not take into account your organization’s ever-changing security environment.

The approach based on an automated written process will make it impossible to effectively test any potential problem. Since we do not trust automatic tools to do business for us, we offer you more comprehensive evaluations than you will get from our competitors.