Ethic Values

TerraMedusa guarantees the studies by basing them on the laws by using the privacy agreements both with its workers and with the instituions. All kinds of collaborations are conveyed within the law policies by showing sensitivity to the rights and the privilidges of the institutions.

terramedusa-etik-degerler-300x300 Corporate EthicTaking precautions within the context of information security without the time and setting restsriction will provide prevention against the financial and spiritual damage in the near future. Within the concept of Turkish law and legislation and ethic responsibilities, the supply of electronic information security of professionals and the institutions is handled.

The information security experts have to run their services in the framework of law about the informatics while fulfilling their responsibilities. The responsibility of data processing pfofessionals is not just restricted with arranging, storing, and presenting the information. The institutions also have general and crimiminal responsibilities on the topic of storing the information of the customers securely, taking care of the the confidentiality of the private life of the customers that can be obtained from different resources they use, presenting the crime to the concerned aouthorities in case of a crime.

Providing the information security is the common topic of law and informatics. It is impossible to have a permanent and continuous success if one of these diciplinies is underestimated. For this reason, it is important to take the technical precautions during the information security studies appropriate for the law rules.

The institutions have to require some assurances by drawing attention to the states below;

The Privacy Contract

The privacy contract has to be signed before the information security studies are done. One has to be assured that during and after the studies, all kinds of information and document that can be learned during the studies are thought to be confidential and to have an intellectual value.

Corporate Posture

Instead of the partnership and the private companies, and inc. corporate firms should be preferred. The foreign-based institutions that only have a branch office in Turkey should not be preferred considering the corporate and the national confidentiality.

Data Loss

The staff that is going to realize the information security studies has to be the workers of that firm. The staff’s personal information should be asked for and their social media accounts should be monitored. Currently, it can be seen that some people who are known as the experts of information security mention about the customer’s and other firm’s confidential information security weaknesses in social media.

References and Price

References should be required about the previous studies and at least the two of these should be from the state institutions. The offer that is given by the information security firm should not be so low. One of the factors that determines the information security is the offer that can be thought to be very advantageous. A number of firms’ confidential information that is obtained during the studies is sold. In addition, this service should be supllied from the firms that only work in this branch. The firms that sell the product, software and hardware do not handle these studies by themselves. Moreover, their reports do not consist of anything other than ready printouts of the automatic machines. In these prepared reports, the firms are suggested to buy expensive hardware and software with the target of marketing.

Ethic Values and Blackmailing

Third people who send messages to the firms that are in the intent of buying an information security service saying: “We have found a x number of weakneeses in your system, work with us” should be made an allegation to the attorney generalship. It is quite difficult to know how the information weaknesses obtained from such studies done without the permission of the institutions are abused. The people that run these studies without a privacy agreement, blackmail in the other phase or sell the information in different stages they obtained from the process if the studies arenot done with them.