TerraMedusa Cyber Intelligence Substructure

TerraMedusa works to provide cyber intelligence substructure to the firms both in Turkey and out of Turkey and to the governments in EMEA region. TerraMedusa’s Cyber Intelligence Service is one and only real cyber intelligence service. Our references from finance, telecommunication, and state sectories are presented in a special presentation.

TerraMedusa implements this service with its own substructure, software, and qualified staff’s power. Any kinds of external source, software or personal are not included. TerraMedusa is only a member of “The Cyber Intelligence Search Consortium of Carnegie Mellon University” to which some state institutions of the USA and some firms like Airbus, Lockheed Martin belong. TerraMedusa is the one and only Turkish firm that is accepted to this consortium, which provides the realization of the interactive technology transfer in different topics, such as improving Cyber Intelligence Methodology, the usage of technology in the substructure of the Cyber Inquiry and the analysis of the intuitional threat.

deneyim-penetrasyon-testi-bilgi-guvenligi TerraMedusa Cyber IntelligenceTerraMedusa conveys information flow under different headings by monitoring and assessing the datas even if they are open or closed to the outer world, by obtaining the security of the information and the instutitional products that are saved carefully.  By analyzing the whole process during the flow of the data TerraMedusa presents the inspection and the control of the general and the private data that the instutions may need, world-wide known attack types, zero-day weaknesses, the techniques that the private services use, the corporate data loss with the company of engineeres that are educated well within a private process. The recources in many categories that are open to the outer world such as sectorial resources, the producers, and the opinion leaders are monitored with resource spiders. Especially the resources that are closed to the outer world is followed with a human being’s caution both with thousands of cyber crime resourced spiders through which the cyber criminals communicate and manually.

All these datas are presented via TerraMedusa Cyber Intelligence portal, which is specially prepared for the instutitions. TerraMedusa is not just a protection targeted Cyber Intelligence but also a program to present processable data for the Cyber Security entities on the area of offensive cyber intelligence. The cyber security deparments are fed with stable data by following the techniques of the cyber criminals’ everchanging techniques and the vendors patch and technologies as an answer to this.

TerraMedusa enables the generation of the defensive processes against the attacks to the Cyber Intelligence Team, generation of its own information security research laboratories, defining the zero-day weaknesses and protection againist all other security holes.

The sectors that are interested with TerraMedusa Cyber Intelligence Service;

  • Finance sector, banks, and the capital markets
  • State institutions and the ministries
  • Telecommunication, mobile operators and the service providers
  • The defense industry
  • Energy
  • Health and medication
  • Technology
  • Media
  • The retail and the consumer products

tci-terramedusa-english-1030x403 TerraMedusa Cyber Intelligence

 In order to get more detailed information you can connect us via e-mai from info@terramedusa.com address or you can call us: +90 212 671 84 44