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 Nearly all of the companies that came acroos with data loss indicate that as a result of this data loss in addition to the direct income damage, they experienced many financial damages like the loss of money, loss of reputation and loss of the products. uzmanlik-penetrasyon-testi-bilgi-guvenligi TerraMedusa Counseling

Our suggestions are rarely based on our customer’s buying a new equipment. The experiences we gained throughout our professional life have shown that most of the information security problems can be solved without paying any money. In contrary to our opponents, we do not offer you to buy expensive, unnecessary software products.

TerraMedusa’s divergent approach provides us to give suggestions based on the different needs of our customers. In case of the need to buy extra products, we present you many approaches with different prices appropriate for your web.

With our technical experience, exclusive reputation and our special care, we guarantee you a service in a  level that you can not be provided by any other information security firms.

In order to get more detailed information you can connect us via e-mai from info@terramedusa.com address or you can call us: +90 212 671 84 44