TerraMedusa Security Advisories

TerraMedusa is the first Turkish firm that studied about information security and that announced the first information security announcement in the world security instutition (1999). Until today, TerraMedusa has announced more than 50 security announcements belonging to the producers like Microsoft, HP, Novell, AOL, Redhat. Within this context TerraMedusa is not just a consumer also a producer firm for the world information security institution.

Benefiting its customers by keeping the security weaknesses it discovered in its archive, TerraMedusa has over 70 zero-day weaknesses archive.

You can find some information security announcements of TerraMedusa below:

IBM X-Force

ibm-xforce-logo Security AdvisoriesX-Force, the information security department of IBM does researches and advances about information security. By non-stop monitoring the security weaknesses and the dangerous data transfer over the internet, X force keeps and archive and shares it with its customers. On the data base of IBM X-Force there are a number of TerraMedusa information security announcements.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

cve-logo Security AdvisoriesCVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) is a database that list the main security weaknesses sponsored by the USA Ministry of Internal Affairs. Many security announcements of TerraMedusa were published in the archives of CVE.

NIST National Vulnerability Database

nist-logo Security Advisories

NIST is an institution in the USA that set the standards of technology researches. It is financed by the USA Computer Emergency Action Institution US-CERT. National Vulnerability Database keeps the records of the database related with the national security of the USA.

Symantec / Verisign

Verisign is an institution that gives service in many information security branches such as SSL, PKI.symantec-verisign-logo Security Advisories

After purchasing the iDefense Veridesign, it published announcements about the information security. By paying the expenses of the copyrights Veridesign purchased the right of usage of TerraMedusa’s announcements. Below, there are some of the security announcements.